20 March 2015

A day in the life of.

A day in the life of.. 

So.. first uni semester has started and I’ve gotten a few questions on how I juggle blogging, work, uni and freelancing.. I’ve teamed up with Microsoft & Office365 and have been working with the new Surface Pro 3. I've been using it leisurely and for studying the past few weeks and it’s pretty much become my second brain. I decided to create a little photo diary of what I get up to during the day & a few tips here and there to help with being organised and staying on top of it all.. because growing up in the generation of slashies.. we’ve all double booked plans, slept through alarms, missed deadlines and forgotten a whole bunch of people’s birthdays. 

Before I even get out of my bed, I'm checking my emails & social media updates.. it helps wake my brain up and get into the groove of what the day will be like - hectic and unexpected. I'm not much of a people person in the mornings, and I love being in my own headspace, so I always put in head phones, zone out and scroll through Pinterest for inspiration and slowly get into replies for emails. My current morning jam is Unaccompanied Cello Suite no.1 by Yo yo Ma.. I recently got into classical, it helps me speed through work.

8.00am- Ocean dip
Occasionally if I'm lucky enough, Mom will drive me down to the beach for an ocean dip. Even though I live so close to the beach, morning swims are a rarity but it should be done every morning - it's probably the best way to wake up and start any day. 

 9.00am - Uni

This morning I forgot to print out my daily schedule.. I’m a little OCD when it comes to my week.. I like printing my digital calendars out - highlighting and crossing things out, it makes me feel more sane. I’m constantly checking my weekly schedule, rearranging it, adding things to it and making sure I don’t double book anything.. I even set reminders/alarms for meetings & events. I pretty much can’t live without that thing. I’ve synced all my notes & deadlines onto OneDrive, so I can access everything through my phone which is perfect for anyone who is sucky at time management - aka me.

11.00am - Uni break.. and bumped into one of my readers! You made my day!!!!
More readings to do - seriously. Tip for readings… I’m all about staying on top of readings as we get quizzed on per week. I had a few bad experiences in my first semester where I’d forget to read, or loose a week’s chapter and basically that really just screws you over which isn’t fun at all.. so, I always save the PDF formates of each weeks reading and folder them into individual weeks. eg. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3. I’m big on highlighting and making side notes - so the surface pro is kind of perfect for that.. there’s a highlighting tool on the PDF (which is also touch screen) & you can draw all over the page with the Magic Pen. I’m obsessed with multitasking so I always use the multi- screen. I’ll have one screen on the PDF reading & another on OneNote for note taking.. 

12.00am - French class. 
Yep, I’m taking French right now and it’s probably my favourite class. 

2.00pm - Skype meeting 
 I’m currently working on a design collaboration… I can’t really say much yet, but it’s with one of my favourite designers and I’ve previously worked with them before! We have a skype meeting to chat about the concept of it all.. more on that in a few weeks.

3.00pm - Outfit shoot

Shot some Springcourt for a new outfit post this weekend & I’m editing and playing around with the photos on Fresh Paint. I’ve become really experimental with it, it’s a drawing tool and I’ve been scribbling over images I like.. it’s actually quite a soothing process. I used this in my Guana Caste photo diary in the first photo.. So expect more to come! 

3.30pm - Meeting with Ed

Brainstorming and talking about all things creative with my new graphic designer! We’ve come up with some pretty awesome ideas for the relaunch of my blog. 

5.00pm - Showing
One last errand for the day..! Headed over to  Surry Hills to view some new pieces that have dropped in from COS. So much *love heart eyes* emoji right now.

7.00pm - Wind down
Every day and night is different, which is why I love what I do so much. After all my errands and meetings, I'm either catching up with friends over dinner and wine, at an event or.. like tonight - at home catching up on How to Get away with Murder - I've been so busy lately I haven't watched the last two episodes.. so I'm staying in bed for the rest of the night. Bon soir!

This post is in collaboration with Microsoft Australia as part of the #WorkWonders influencer’s program


16 March 2015

Plant life

The high frequency of plants I came across this weekend was a little overwhelming. I think I spent about 30 minutes sussing out each branch texture and size.. Can I just fill my house with these plants?


11 March 2015

central park


I fell in love with Central Park about 7 years ago - maybe even before then. I'm not sure if an 11 year old knows what love is let alone a 13 year old. But the feeling of seeing Central Park from above, being present within it & experiencing the change of season 3 times in a row - for the first time ever is a feeling similar to a reunite with a first love. It's pretty spectacular. So, when I got to hang out with American Apparel last year and wonder/shoot in Central Park and Rockefeller a few days before Christmas.. it was sort of a cherry on top & New York moment situation that I know I'll always look back on. There's something about the air of New York.. you just feel it when you walk down each street, knowing that there's a long and detailed history behind every corner, pavement, subway & building.. something that always drew me to the aesthetics of the past, particularly the 90's, 70's & 60's. Perhaps it was the endless NYC based films I watched as a child from previous eras and all my favourite artists from decades before. Having the chance to work with American Apparel during my stay in New York, was kind of more then timely perfect. I've always been drawn to the aesthetics of American Apparel but after being living in New York pieces I hadn't paid attention to before, stood out to me.. pieces that were reminiscent to me from a scene from Woody Allen's Manhattan, Jane Birkin or my imagination of what Patti and Rob would wear when walking through Chinatown or something.. I guess that's one of the reasons why half my wardrobe is currently American Apparel.


25 February 2015

honey, i'm home


I spent Saturday morning sitting by the rocks near my home.. legs dangling over the edge and watching the waves crash silently into the shore.. Trying to recuperate mentally that I'm back in Sydney. It's strange coming home after making a new city your home.. It almost feels like a do-over, but then it feels like you never left. When you become accustomed to the rhythm of fast paced concrete jungle life, you forget what it's like to just chill.. to have time to be bored.. to be able to lie on the sand for hours, to sit in a cafe for as long as you want because there isn't a waiting list, to be able to stroll through the city during peak hour. It's incredible to have the ability to go for a dip in the ocean every morning and being able to walk around in nothing but a dress.. but the nostalgia of electric new york life is slowly catching up to me.. so I hope you guys are ready to experience that nostalgia with me.. I have about over 3000+ photos worth of memories to share.